Release Date: June 6th, 2005
Label: Meta Polyp

Berlin dub magicians TOLCHA release a second vinyl-joint called FOKUS. It is put out by TOLCHAS new label META POLYP. The 4-track-vinyl includes a wicked FOKUS-remix by the science-fiction-dancehall-superstars AL-HACA who are known for their astonishing releases alongside STEREOTYP on the austrian label KLEIN.
The track features RAS-TWEED from the UK who used to be a member of the legendary ROCKERS HIFI-crew (DIFFERENT DRUMMER).

Guest raps include polish New York/Berlin rapper RQM who will release his solo project THE TAPE alongside Robot Koch from JAHCOOZI on KYO very soon. He was also featured on some I-WOLF, AL- HACA and STEREOTYP-joints.

The track CRUSHED ICE features London/Berlin-female singer/rapper SASHA PERERA from the berlin elektro-blip-hop project JAHCOOZI (HAMTON).