Release Date: July 16th, 2007
Label: Meta Polyp

Four friends meet three strangers, lock themselves in one room, try seven different music tools at once, exchange instruments, record everything and finally scan it on one hard disc.

Recorded at four sessions, from monday to thursday, 06.03.06 – 09.03.06, somewhere in Berlin.
And the result of that approach: “We kept only the weird parts and threw away any standards.”

1. Wespennest 7:52 [monday]
2. Dialog 8:10 [tuesday]
3. Monolog 6:18 [wednesday]
4. Park 12:58 [thursday]

Sven Müller, Daniel Krämer, Lars Kirchbach, Jan Simon Spielberger, Alexander Eger, Eric Mandel, Mia Ender