Release Date: October 10th, 2007
Label: Meta Polyp

It’s no newsflash that techno and dubstep have been crushing on each other, but with Al Haca, Stereotyp and Tolcha, the flirtation is consummated. After Al Haca’s great “Family Business” Release on Meta Polyp, partners in crime Tolcha drop 3 new essential tunes with many remixes. Again its a family affair, so no other than Al Haca themselves, Jahcoozi and the great Eva B are on the Remix Tip.

Steady rhyming from Glasgow Mc Soom T (known from collabos with T. Raumschmiere, Bus, Daniel Meteo) demand serious speakers or headphones. Tolcha are stretching from laidback digital dancehall to low-end detail and dub space. Bass Music is crossing a lot more borders now. A lot of people can relate to Dubstep, so even though Tolcha or Al Haca havent changed its recipe, suddenly more people seem to understand that style. Wutt u call it? Avant-garde – postmodern hackers ?!

Especially with the Eva B Remix the sound of Tolcha should become more accessible, touching the outer perimeters of pop and getting approval from radio&club. Don’t cue this one unprepared.