Tolcha is an acoustic/electronic collective based in Boogie Down Berlin. Their sound is best described as an ever evolving future-vintage Sci-Fi movie score with a hint of Film Noir and a heavy Dub signature. The project originally kicked off as a 3 piece around the year 2000. Since the very beginning their live shows incorporated self produced synchronized videos – a signifier for the love of cinema, which is still the main inspiration for their music. Their first EPs: Praxis, Streetvibes, Kontraste were full on DIY affairs – recorded, engineered, mastered and packaged in-house and self distributed. Their debut Gestalt LP and the Focus EP, which featured vocalists Sasha Perera (Jahcoozi), Ras-Tweed, RQM, Rider Shafique, were the first to crack the international market thanks to repeated BBC1 radio play. To chase this release Tolcha recorded a live session entitled In-House Recordings 1 and then nailed it with yet another EP, this time featuring emcee Soom-T.
Their current LP entitled “Neustadt” came out in January 2013 on Neopren Records.


  1. We are independent and will never subscribe to any outside pressures.
  2. Dub is our main production technique, attitude and philosophy.
  3. We do not make genre music. Our sound is always hybrid and constantly evolving.
  4. When we play live we really play our instruments and by default we don’t recognize ableton powered performances as live acts.
  5. We engineer our sound theoretically, live it experientially and process it with our self made effects modules and music making machines.

2002 – Praxis EP
2003 – Streetvibes 12″
2004 – Kontraste EP
2005 – Fokus EP
2006 – Gestalt EP
2007 – In-House Recordings 1
2008 – Tolcha vs Soom-T

Tolcha are
Sven Müller
Daniel Krämer
Lars Kirchbach
Alexander Eger



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